Three Sources of Power and Revelation

There are three sources or spirits to which humanity looks:Using this source as a starting point for reason, you are guaranteed to be in error.

  • Human
  • Demonic
  • God’s Spirit (the Holy Spirit).

Those who look to the demonic or human usually are comfortable with some or all of the following: materialism, Naturalism, uniformitarianism, evolutionism, abortion, religions based on human goodness, liberalism, perversion, promiscuity, seances, ouija boards, tarot cards, fortune tellers, witches, spirit guides, new age techniques, Transcendental Meditation, spiritualism.

That list is not comprehensive.

There are thousands of occult organizations and each occult organization has many dogmas and many techniques. Most of the techniques are simply ways of conjuring demons.

Since the fall of Adam, there has not been much difference, except in power, between what proceeds from demons and what proceeds from the human mind. The human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked to the point that we can’t even know our own minds.Truth comes from Jesus Christ Who is the Truth. He is the proof that He reveals because we know Him personally.

In Christ, we have the Holy Spirit available to us. We were able to believe and have faith in Jesus only because the Holy Spirit moved on us and the Father drew us. The Bible gives us much information about the Holy Spirit and all that the Holy Spirit gives to us. The Holy Spirit is in direct opposition to those things that proceed from the carnal mind and from demons.

There is a reason that it's difficult to communicate. The person following assumptions is frustrated because the assumptions seem like reality. The Christ-follower doesn't realize the depth of the darkness of the ungodly.


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