Three Sources of Revelation–Only One Can be Trusted

Revelation can have one of three sources:


There is a problem with revelation. While God cannot lie, the human mind can make up things that are not true. Evil spirits are real and they lie. Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. A good deal of Scripture is dedicated to the problems of people who go to their own minds for revelation. When Peter rebuked Jesus about the cross, Jesus said, “Get behind me Satan.” That’s because Peter was speaking by the inspiration of Satan, though he didn’t realize it.

  • Human rationalism–things that come from your own mind. We know, by revelation from God that the human mind is deceitful and desperately wicked beyond our ability to know. (Rationalized Speculation Article)(Difference between Rationalization and Divine Revelation)
  • Satanic influence/the occult–ever popular, and on the rise again. We know, by revelation from God, that demons are liars. (About the Occult)
  • God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit–Who cannot lie and Who tells us through Scripture that He communicates with His people. In fact, faith come by hearing His Utterance/Rhema.Using this source as a starting point for reason, you are guaranteed to be in error.
    • Keep in mind that this revelation is partial. We only know in part.
    • But this revelation is also progressive.
    • Each follower of Christ is learning to listen to Him rather than the world or his or her own fallen mind.
    • And each follower of Christ is learning to respond in submission. (About Divine Revelation)



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