The Limits of Logic

Do you consider yourself a deep thinker and logical?  If so, this page will be interesting to you.

Logic has made a phenomenol goof,
When it offers proof, there’s no proof of the proof.

We all use logic when we think.  Some of our logic is good logic.  It makes sense.  Some logic is poor logic.  It doesn’t make sense.  But did you know about logic’s limitation?

When logic gives proof, there’s no proof of the proof. At the deepest level of thinking, the proof must stand on it’s own. It must be of a nature that cannot be challenged. This can’t be accomplished by a human declaring something to be self-evident or to be an axiom.

Logic takes one step at a time to prove that something is either true or false.  It says that one thing is true because of some proof.

But what proves that the proof is true?  You need proof of the proof.  But it is never settled because you then need proof of that proof.  And if you have proof ofthat proof you then need proof of that proof.

This need for proof never ends.  There is no conclusion with logic alone.

The deeper that you think about the things you believe to be true, stepping down using logic, you may realize that many of the things you believe actually have no proof at their deepest level. A thought is a weak at its weakest link. For many people, they believe, at the deepest level, that God doesn’t do anything, or that God doesn’t speak to us, or that God doesn’t exist. And there is no way to prove that. So they may say, “It’s an axiom of science.” It’s not. It’s just something that they wish to be true. They are like a person who is building a house on shifting sand. Their house can’t stand if anyone asks them too many questions. They are shown to be foolish.

Scary thought, isn’t it?

The only possible final resolution is that you know because Someone Whose Word cannot be questioned has told you.

There is no human being whose word cannot be questioned except for Jesus Christ, Who is God.  It is impossible for God to lie.  What this means is that everything you believe
is either based on a lie or it is based on Jesus Christ personally showing it to you.


For those of us who are following Jesus as He leads and shows us His will, He speaks to us when we read the Bible.  He speaks to us through the members of His Body, also known as the Church.  He speaks to us through the creation as we observe it, also known as science.  He speaks to us through prophecy, visions, dreams, and through our own consciences.  As He speaks to us, we must ever be seeking His will or we will miss it.  But by His Utterance, we can know whatever He chooses to reveal and we can know it for sure.

Those who don’t believe that Jesus Christ could possibly show anything to anyone are stuck with the awful thought that all of life is a lie.  With that philosophy, there is no need for
science, schools, news reporting, or discussion of anything.


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