How God Will Transform You MP3 Audiobook

How God Will Transform You

God’s Five Scriptural Keys to Transfigure You from Sin’s Slave to the Image of Christ

Just imagine!

  • God lays out a simple process in the Bible to transform you into the image and likeness of Christ.
  • God has a plan to free you from sin and the sin nature.
  • Sin is the cause of sickness, death, and every other human problem.

How God Will Transform You

NOTE: Petros has changed some of the wording in the eBook versions. We haven’t yet made those changes in the audio book or video book.

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Download Don’t Miss What You Want MP3
Download Transfigured MP3
Download Join God’s Family MP3
Download Key #1: God Speaks MP3
Download Key #2: Faith Comes MP3
Download Key #3: Faith Gives Access to Grace MP3
Download Key #4: Grace Does Works of Righteousness MP3
Download Key #5: Righteousness Transforms You MP3
Download Now What Do You Do? MP3

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