How to Plan a Small Group

How to Plan a Small Group

Pray for wisdom

You don’t have to follow any format just because someone else uses that format. Ask God whether He wants you to start a small group. Listen. If you sense God encouraging you to go ahead, ask how He wants it done. Allow God to lead you. Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. You’ll need to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit during every small group gathering if you go ahead. Write down what God tells you so you can keep it in front of you. Be open to God changing your direction at any time.

Don’t go alone

Find one or more people who will help you plan. Approach them and tell them you would value their input and help. Don’t be the boss. When you find those who will work with you, pray with them and meet with them to plan. Always plan with prayer. You now have a core group. Pray and plan with your core group.

Decide who you will invite

Who do you know?

Will it be for your church only?

Will it be for neighbors?

Will it be for a certain type of person?

Decide on other details

How often will you meet?

How will you lead the studies?

Who will lead the studies?

Will the group meet in one home or will it rotate from home to home?

Will there be pot-blessing snacks, a meal, or just refreshments?

Will everyone be expected to prepare by reading a certain section, or will the group read a section at a time for each meeting?

How will you divide the book into sections for each meeting?

Who will communicate with group members?

Who will lead the group? Will it be one person or will it rotate?

Leaders will arise as you progress. Don’t be afraid to delegate to an eager worker. Don’t delegate to someone who won’t be able to get it done. Don’t pressure anyone into service.

Get started

Once you’ve decided on a direction, get going.

With your core group, make a list of what needs to be done to get started.

As with every other step, walk in the Spirit. Be led by the Spirit and let the Spirit be your power.


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