Transfiguration! Insert each of the five keys in sequence.

You’ll need all five keys. You need to know how to insert each key in sequence into God’s puzzling lock.

We’re in the interim between the promise and the full possession of the promise. As you direct your mind toward Christ the Holy Spirit will continue to form Christ in you until that day when no one can trick you.

You and I need to be open to discussing our beliefs with other Christians who may see things differently. I need to open myself to correction and consider that I might be wrong. If you disagree with another Christian on any matter, you can both go to Christ and ask Him to correct and instruct you. No one is above God’s correction. It’s easy for fallen humans to think they have such complete and correct doctrine that God can’t teach them anything. God says you don’t understand those things you think you understand. God gave you the Holy Spirit to lead you into ALL truth.

And if anyone thinks that he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know. ~ 1 Corinthians 8:2 New King James Version

You need to open your mind to God so He can teach you and correct you. You will hear many convincing messages that sound perfect but are not right. God will show you what’s right and what’s wrong if you ask Him. If you want to do God’s will, you will know God’s voice when you hear it. You’ll see that God’s voice is different from all the others. God will help you avoid the pitfalls of the many worldly voices.

It’s wonderful that you have Jesus Christ leading, teaching, and correcting you, but that’s just the first key God has given you. God intends to fully transfigure you into the likeness and image of Jesus Christ. God’s already shown you a little bit of His vision for you. As you walk with Him, He’ll show you more. It’s higher and deeper than you know. To go deeper, you’ll need all five keys. You need to know how to insert each key in sequence into God’s puzzling lock. You need to know how to avoid Satan’s deceptions and pitfalls. Satan will be working against you all the way, but God has given you a way to escape Satan’s schemes.

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