Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of God. You hear Christ when the Spirit leads you.

Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of God. You hear Christ when the Spirit leads you.

Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of God. You hear Christ when the Spirit leads you.

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Jesus Christ is the spoken Word of God. You hear Christ when the Spirit leads you. When you hear Him, Jesus Christ creates God’s faith in you. This faith isn’t like the make-believe “faith” of ungodly people who make themselves believe their assumptions.

If you stand in God’s presence, He’ll speak to you, and He’ll give you His faith. Some people have tried to work up faith through human effort. You can’t self-generate faith. Some people say, “I’m going to put MY faith in God.” They might say, “I’m going to put MY faith in the Bible.” We Christians have to stop thinking that way. If it’s your faith, you worked it up yourself. You need God’s faith.

If you think you can have the faith of God by human willpower, you are mistaken. You must seek God and stay in His presence. Shouting affirmations won’t bring you the faith of God. Intellectual gymnastics will bring you into error and self-righteousness, but it won’t give you the faith of God. Human emotion will bring you into illusion and confusion but won’t bring you the faith of God. Physical evidence and logical arguments won’t create the faith of God in you. A rationalized, make-believe “faith” has no power, but the faith of God has power and authority. No amount of human effort will bring you the faith of God.

You must stand in the presence of God if you want the faith of God. By intuition, you know how to turn your will and mind toward God. If you call to Him, He’ll answer you. If you yield yourself to His will, you’ll find He’s been there all along. As you do this, you exercise your spiritual senses. As you exercise your spiritual senses, they grow more sensitive. Your spiritual senses grow to know God’s voice better as you continue to spend time with God.

Jesus Authors Faith

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith ~ Hebrews 12:2a Berean Study Bible

Fix your spiritual eyes on Jesus. Direct your will to follow His will.

In the parable of the sower, God sows the Seed. The Seed is the Word, which is God’s spoken Word. Jesus is the Logos, the spoken Word of God by Whom God created the universe. Jesus authors your faith. That’s why faith has such authority.

Faith is Substance and Evidence

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~ Hebrews 11:1 King James Version

Faith is a substance. And yet, it’s not a material substance. The substance of faith is real. It’s much more real than the material world of creation. Faith is a spiritual substance that will never be destroyed. Any material substance will pass away. Faith is reality as opposed to an idea or concept. God is working to put this spiritual substance into you permanently. You can’t separate the substance of faith from Christ Himself.

Faith is the reality of things hoped for. This hope isn’t “I-hope-so” hope. God’s hope is eternal. God’s hope is solid. God’s hope is a vision from God of what He’s going to do. It shows you who you are in Christ. This vision from God shows how you fit into the body of Christ. It shows you what is and isn’t part of the body of Christ. It shows you what God is calling you to do right now.

You have to know what God is telling you to do so you can do His will. You need to know how you fit into the body of Christ. You need to know what is and is not part of the body of Christ. God is building His house according to His pattern, and He’s revealing His pattern to you.

And faith is the evidence of things you have never seen. Faith doesn’t need circumstantial evidence to prove it. Circumstantial evidence never proves anything. It can’t. God can speak to you through circumstantial evidence, but circumstantial evidence isn’t sure without God revealing the meaning of the circumstantial evidence. People often use circumstantial evidence to tell lies.

Faith is proof because God gives you supernatural faith when He speaks to you. What God says to you is true. All physical and natural evidence is circumstantial, so it can’t show you the truth. Circumstantial evidence uses rationalizations. Rationalizations use assumptions. Assumptions are beliefs based on nothing but inner concepts and worldviews. You created your inner concepts and worldviews with circular reasoning and confirmation bias. You can’t trust them. That means you can’t trust circumstantial evidence.

You can trust God. God is absolute.

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