Knowing Jesus Christ

There is a huge part of the Church that doesn’t want a real relationship with Christ. They would say they have a personal relationship with Christ. They use the term “relationship with Christ” but don’t know Him in any meaningful way. They have a theoretical knowledge about Christ. They know about Him. They don’t know Him. They don’t hear His voice or yield to His righteousness so His grace can do His words and say His words through them. They don’t KNOW Jesus. They may worship the Bible but never hear God’s voice when they read the Bible. They don’t see the Bible as it’s written, but they only see the fleshly veil of their preconceived and presupposed theologies. We all need to come up higher into Christ. None of us has attained what He’s calling us to. He’ll lead the way even though we don’t fully understand everything yet. Keep on keeping on. The best is yet to come.


What Does “Parousia” Really Mean?

“Parousia” means “presence.” It may mean “presence after absence,” “arrival” but not “return.” Christ is coming close to His own and abiding with us.

Often, “parousia” is given a theological meaning rather than a literal meaning. The reason for not wanting to understand the Bible as it is written is to uphold certain theological ideas. In the context of a popular theology, “parousia” is claimed to mean “returning.” Christ will return, but changing the meaning of the word “parousia” changes two things. It changes the nature of Christ’s return. It also changes that nature of our relationship to Christ before His return. Unfortunately, those theologies that change the meaning of “parousia” are popular and taught in many churches. These theologies say that Christ may return at any moment. Most of them don’t teach you how to grow in Christ and allow the Holy Spirit for fully form Christ in you and die to the fleshly nature.

However, there is no reason not to use the literal meaning other than the fact that it wouldn’t support theological ideas that say, “It’s all about getting born again and not about growing to the fullness of Christ. In regard to Christ, “parousia” means His coming to His saints right now. Those who aren’t concerned about Christ coming to His body in the present won’t be ready when He returns for His body in the future.