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New Books: Real Faith & Reason and Exposing the REAL Creation-Evolution Debate

Unmasking Make-Believe Faith and Make-Believe Reason and Finding Absolute Proof of the Bible and the God of the Bible

Poynette, Wisconsin, U. S. A., 5/5/2020


We have a mountain of circumstantial evidence for the authenticity of the Bible and the accuracy of the history in the Bible, but circumstantial evidence is never conclusive. These books go beyond circumstantial evidence to absolutely certain proof. The very mention of “absolutely certain proof” can raise eyebrows since schools commonly teach that all logic and reason must begin with axioms, assumptions or presuppositions, and any claim based on an axiom, assumption, or presupposition is tentative by definition. As a result, even many Christians believe that we can’t know, in absolute terms, that God exists let alone that the Bible is true. However, real faith is absolute by nature because it comes by hearing the word (rhema=utterance) of God. God speaks through Scripture and every means of divine revelation mentioned in Scripture.

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“Jesus is real and knowable. Everyone who seeks Him finds Him. Faith comes by hearing His word, which is His rhema or utterance. Christ speaks through the Bible and every means of divine revelation in the Bible. What He says is the Truth with a capital “T.” Without Christ, the human mind has no way to reason to absolute Truth. We can observe and react to the five natural senses, but we can’t reason beyond those senses without adding something to our reasoning: either divine revelation or made-up stuff. That’s a challenge to the ungodly thinker but an assurance to the godly thinker.” ~ Petros Scientia

About the Author

Petros Scientia is the pen name of a man who pastored a local church for thirty-three years and who has chosen to keep his writing work separate from his work of shepherding a flock. Petros has also been blogging for two decades, encouraging unbelievers and believers alike to know Jesus Christ. He created his first creation-evolution website in 1998.

The son of a chemistry teacher, Petros came to Christ at a very early age. However, he had many questions about the Bible, the interpretation of the Bible, and how he could know the truth with certainty. The Holy Spirit was already working with Petros when he was a young man and put a hunger for truth and wisdom in Petros that has stayed with him for his entire life. Over several decades, the Holy Spirit showed Petros that his own thinking and theology lacked a sure foundation. Petros began to realize the problem and finally came to comprehend his total dependence on God for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. That’s not an easy lesson, and it shakes the ego. The human mind without Christ can’t possibly be rational. Without Christ, nothing can be known for certain.  The Holy Spirit led Petros to write a series of books about what God had revealed to him: the weakness of the human mind and the power and authority of the Holy Spirit’s guiding.

Book Information

Exposing the REAL Creation-Evolution Debate goes through the Nye Ham creation-evolution debate point by point and focuses on the real debate. The real creation-evolution debate isn’t about the observations since creationists and evolutionists use the same observations. It’s not about worldviews or presuppositions since no one can prove anything using worldviews or presuppositions. The real debate is between two different interpretations of the observations, one interpretation based on made-up stuff and the other based on divine revelation. Real Faith & Reason comes in three stand-alone volumes that use the Nye-Ham creation-evolution debate as a backdrop. The book demonstrates conclusively that every argument against the Bible, the history of the Bible, and the God of the Bible is based on made-up stuff. No one can argue against any of the Bible using true premises, and all arguments against God begin with assumptions or other forms of made-up stuff. Volume one gives an overview. It shows how assumptions and presuppositions with which we interpret our experiences and observations come out of worldviews, and worldviews are formed by previous interpretations that were based on previous assumptions and presuppositions. That means that godless thinking is a circular process of confirmation bias. Divine revelation, on the other hand, is direct, and God provides the ability to discern His voice from all others. Volume two examines the ways we lose touch with reality, how to avoid deception, and whether we can get knowledge using the 14 most popular ways people think they can get knowledge. Volume three journeys into how God speaks, how to discern His voice from others, how to avoid the dangers of false “revelation,” and how to answer 92 skeptical arguments that either defend reasoning based on made-up stuff or deny divine revelation as the basis for reason.

Real Faith & Reason and Exposing the REAL Creation-Evolution Debate expose reasoning based on axioms, assumptions, or other forms of made-up stuff. You’ll understand how pseudoscience pretends to be real science. You’ll see the many tricks ungodly thinkers use to deceive us. You’ll also get a better grasp of how Scripture defines faith, grace, righteousness, and holiness and how they work together.  You’ll learn the simple way you can discern God’s voice from all others. You never again need to fear that someone will come up with some discovery that would disprove God or the Bible.  And both Real Faith & Reason and Exposing the REAL Creation-Evolution Debate include discussion questions for homeschool, small group study, book clubs along with illustrations, and simple, plain-English explanations and examples that make the books easy to read and understand.


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