The Church is in Disorder

The church as a whole is in such disorder and confusion it is like a Babylon. God has been restoring much of the Scriptural pattern over the centuries since Hess.

Each time God moves to restore some piece of the pattern, Satan makes counter moves. Sometimes, he nips it in the bud. Sometimes, there are those who break through and accept the new revelation. (Perhaps I shouldn’t call it new revelation since the revelation always is some part of Scripture that has been ignored or explained away. God says, “See this? It means what it says.) Immediately, most of the church rejects what God is doing. I can’t think of an exception. Satan starts bringing counterfeits to cause confusion. In addition, the flesh tries to take over and create distracting twists and disorders.

Your specific concerns with the political moves, if I can use that term, are interesting. Most Christians aren’t even aware of what God started to do in 1948. It was all about fulfilling the prayer of Jesus that they all may be one. That seems impossible, but God was starting to lay the foundation.

God had already revealed much about the need to be led by the Holy Spirit and to allow the gifts of the Spirit to operate. The world had just seen healing ministry at a new level. However, there were terrible disorders. Some of what God had previously revealed was forgotten, ignored, or explained away. That’s how it always is. The devil, the world, and the flesh are active.

About 75 years ago, God started restoring foundational church structure with am eye toward the coming together of the body of Christ. He moved with power that drew a lot of attention to a small town in Canada. Most of those who took interest loved the power but not the orders of Scripture.

God reestablished the Scriptural order of imparting gifts and ministries by prophecy and the laying on of hands of the presbytery. That was attacked, counterfeited, and distorted all over. However, the genuine wasn’t quenched. Government was established. Even after all this time, that body of apostles looks to God for further revelation on the implementation and administration of the two apostolic offices (elder and deacon). Voters meetings were a thing of the past. No woman elders or deacons either in local churches or among the apostles. Many other extra-Biblical systems also fell along with the associated money, power, and prestige. No super stars. No church as a business.

Well, the flesh doesn’t like that. Many accepted the parts they liked and ran with that while rejecting the structure laid out in Scripture. You probably have never heard of those who received this revelation because the Spirit forbid them from turning what God was doing into a business with public relations and marketing. This is very hard to follow or talk about in a world that knows organizations and personalities but little else. How do you say, I’m just a Christian. People ask, but what organization? Then the government came in and forced them to incorporate. When someone says, I want to join Global Missions, Inc., the say it’s a bank account. You can’t join that. We must be joined in the Spirit.

The Scriptural pattern for women in the church is not an issue, though God is still revealing details of the pattern.

I could write more, but I’ll leave it there. God is moving. He is shaking the church, including you and me, until only that which cannot be shaken will remain.

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