Basing Thought on Made-up Stuff

2 Peter 2:12a and Jude 1:10 & 19 speak of those who are like brute beasts, unable to process rational thought and only able to respond to their five senses because they don’t listen to the Holy Spirit.

Lacking a Relationship

This is a conversation between an ungodly thinker and a godly thinker. It illustrates that ungodly thinkers build their thoughts on made-up stuff with smokescreen fallacies hiding the made-up stuff. Godly thinkers, on the other hand, build their thoughts on the foundation of Christ.

Sandy Sandbuilder: I believe in truth, and that’s why I believe in an old creation. I have had many people tell me they can prove me wrong, but the best they could come up with is a video from a doubtful source. [NOTE: This statement is a genetic fallacy coupled with an appeal to ignorance fallacy.]

Rocky Rockbuilder: Made-up stories contribute nothing to truth. Age of the earth or universe is an opinion unless it comes by divine revelation, and one opinion is a good as another since opinion has no substance.

Sandy: So do you believe the record God left in His creation.

Rocky: Yes, and I don’t add made-up stuff to it out of my carnal mind.

Sandy: So you believe the creation is several billion years old?

Rocky: No, I don’t believe “the creation is several billion years old” since God never said it’s several billion years old.

Sandy: And yet the record He left in His creation clearly shows it. Funny you’re able to ignore that.

We notice Sandy speaks of a Creator Who has left and is gone. On the surface, it sounds like Sandy is thinking this way, and as we follow this conversation further, we’ll see that he has no relationship with Christ. We can also notice that Sandy likes to use presuppositional phrases. In his most recent statement, he uses the word “ignore” to presuppose his unsupported claim that the creation “clearly shows” that it’s “several billion years old.” Also, the word “clearly” provides another layer of presupposition, but to whom is it clear?
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