Secularists have created a false impression that faith and reason are in conflict when sound reason requires real faith. They’ve controlled the message carefully at every level and have worked hard to form the thinking of every person, especially the young. For this reason, Petros has decided to give this eBook library away even though it’s a $200 value that took him years to write.

Real Faith & Reason Library

A Christian’s Guide to Rational Thought


Six Books in One


The Back of the Boxed Set

At the intersection of faith and reason is a place called sanity. As we focus on this intersection, we realize that we can’t separate reason and rational thought from faith.

The Real Faith & Reason Library will

  • demolish the lies of ungodly thinkers.
  • show why rational thought is impossible without faith.
  • explain how we know, without question, that the Bible is true.
  • reveal how we know personal revelation won’t conflict with the Bible.
  • expose the way that we can be certain that no observation will ever conflict with the Bible.
  • establish the truth on the only firm Foundation, Jesus Christ.
  • answer the questions and objections of those who are hostile to Christ.
  • teach how to discern between truth and error.
  • understand how to sort through the many voices claiming authority.

This library is a deep dive rather than a superficial explanation. It doesn’t create a stalemate where neither ungodly thinkers nor Christians can prove their points. Rather, it explains how to prove the truth of Christ and the Bible with absolute certainty, and it leaves the ungodly thinker with bare claims and fallacies.

Six Books in One

The Real Faith & Reason Library consists of six books. Three books focus on our rational thought journey as followers of Christ. One book focuses on the logic of the Nye-Ham Debate. Two books are reference texts you’ll want to keep on hand.

The password protection has been removed so you can more easily download the entire library and share it with those you love.

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