Knowing Christ or Pretending

This is a continuation of a dialog between a person who depends on Christ and a person (atheist, pagan, who knows?) posing as a Christian. Rocky Rockbuilder had asked Sandy Sandbuilder whether Sandy had a relationship with Christ in which Christ leads, teaches, and corrects him. Sandy has been ducking and weaving to avoid answering the question. Rocky ended the last post with this: “I don’t need any stories. I prefer reality. I want you to know that you can know Christ, and you can have this relationship. Whoever seeks Him finds Him.” It continues from there.

Sandy: If I were not a Christian I would not want to hear about God from someone who denies reality. I have been researching this subject for about the same length of time you have. I have read books and watched videos and have seen little if any truth.

Sandy is making another circular argument in which he assumes that his story of billions of years is reality and then uses this assumption to prove billions of years. It’s also a fallacy to think that made-up stuff is real stuff. Still, it’s common for evolutionists to think that their assumptions, stories, conceptual frameworks, ideas, or other forms of made-up stuff are real. They lose the distinction between make-believe and reality. We notice that Sandy didn’t want to talk about knowing Christ but chose instead to speak of being “a Christian.” And yet, we notice he didn’t even claim to be a Christian in the loosest sense of the word.

Rocky: I didn’t ask if you identify with a religion. I asked whether you know Christ. I don’t consider made-up stuff reality no matter how much someone uses appeal to ridicule fallacies to prove their points. The reason you haven’t found truth is because all truth is hidden in Christ Jesus. You can’t reason sanely to any conclusion without a relationship with Christ. When you open your mind to Him, the Holy Spirit begins to lead you into truth.

Sandy: If it is made-up stuff, I am sure you can prove it wrong.

Rocky: Your reasoning commits an appeal to ignorance fallacy. Truth is a positive thing, and sound reasoning requires proof in the form of a true premise. The only way to have a true premise is if God reveals the premise to you. Therefore, if you don’t acknowledge Him, even the things you know are unproven, and you can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe. I want to tell you that you can know Jesus Christ. It’s important that you come to this relationship. If you yield yourself to Him, the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth one day, but it has to start with opening up to Him.

Sandy: People like you are the reason atheists are atheists. If you don’t believe in evolution or billions of years, you don’t believe in science. If you don’t believe in science, no one will believe you. You will keep people from coming to Christ.

Rocky: Neither evolutionism nor old-earth dogmatism is science. No one has observed either of these. No one has to embrace made-up stuff to bring another person to the truth. Christians who don’t know Christ and never listen to His voice or obey Him can’t bring anyone to Christ. They may bring someone to sign up for a religious organization, but Christ isn’t a religion. Christ is real. How would a person who doesn’t know Christ bring someone else to Christ?

That conversation shows the futility of godless thinking. Sandy may be a religious person, but he can’t or won’t testify of Jesus Christ’s wisdom, knowledge, and power.
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