Why the Conflict?

2 Peter 2:12a and Jude 1:10 & 19 speak of those who are like brute beasts, unable to process rational thought and only able to respond to their five senses because they don’t listen to the Holy Spirit.

Why the Conflict?

Ungodly thinkers and godly thinkers conflict because they each have a different starting point for thinking. An ungodly thinker bases every thought on made-up stuff while a godly thinker bases thought on God and what God is saying in the moment. Before we finish our journey, we’ll understand in detail how we can know reality and avoid being deceived by lies.

Meanwhile, to an ungodly thinker, revelation seems to be a strange basis for thinking. To a follower of Christ, made-up stuff seems to be a strange basis for thinking. But made-up stuff can lead to weird conclusions. In this conflict, ungodly thinkers tend to project their own problems onto godly thinkers by accusing godly thinkers of being irrational. And ungodly Christian thinkers sometimes accuse godly thinkers of creating atheists just as Sandy accused Rocky. However, Brennan Manning gives a different cause of atheism:

The greatest cause of atheism is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him with their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.

Brennan Manning is largely correct. Although we must remember, self-righteousness and virtue signalling also turn people away from Christ. Here’s a strange fact. Ungodly Christians usually have many works, but their works aren’t God’s works since they didn’t originate in God. They deny Christ with their lifestyles.
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