The Big Difference

The God Complex

Ungodly thinking can go anywhere since it’s based on made-up stuff. Godly thinking must stick to reality, so it’s constrained. It’s like a narrow and restricted way.

Rocky Rockbuilder: God will judge the ungodly. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Sandy Sandbuilder: Do you feel that those you keep calling ungodly are of God since everything is from God?

Rocky: God created everything. But much of creation rebelled and separated themselves from God.

Sandy: Since God is the ultimate power there is no separation. Separation is an illusion.

Rocky: Without divine revelation, you’re trying to reason beyond your immediate sensory experience. When you do that, you become irrational.

Sandy: I do reason beyond my senses because God created me to do that.

Rocky: That’s a bare assertion. You’re trying to reason beyond your immediate sensory experience without divine revelation. When you do that, you become irrational.

Sandy: According to Scripture wasn’t man made in God’s image?

Rocky: Do you submit yourself to Jesus Christ? Is He Lord of your life? Do you praise Him and worship Him? Have you dedicated yourself to obeying Him in every part of your life?

Sandy: My submission is to God. We are the ones to become the Christ just as Jesus did.

Rocky: That doesn’t answer the questions I asked.

Sandy: That’s the answer I have. I submit to God. And because of that, I become a Christ just as my brother Jesus the Christ did.

Sandy reasons beyond his senses without divine revelation. By the power of his own imagination, he thinks that he’s going to become another Christ separate from Jesus. All he needed was assumption, and he was able to make himself believe this lie. He just needed a little made-up stuff.
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