Compare God’s Story to the Secularistic Story


Stories are very powerful, but they can be true or false. When presented well, they can be very convincing. In a post-modern culture, presentation is everything. It’s all about winning. Winning is accomplished by convincing. Convincing is accomplished by presentation. The Secularistic presentations are paid for by tax dollars. God’s story is told plainly by very average people without Federal grant money. Yet, there is something called Truth. The Spirit of Truth lives in God’s Story. His Story begins with origins and goes to the completion. The Truth, even if it’s persecuted, is still Truth. A lie, even though funded by tax dollars, is still a lie.

Axiomatic Thinking


While there are hundreds of logical fallacies, the axiomatic thinking fallacy is the only operative fallacy. That’s easy to understand. Axiomatic thinking is just making stuff up. We all know about making stuff up. Everyone does it at some point. Many things we all believe is simply make-believe.

Axiomatic thinking takes many forms. Assumptions are things that aren’t known but that are treated as if they were known. Unsupported assertions, such as,

“Evolution is a fact.”

are statements that are made without any evidence. In the case of the statement,

“Evolution is a fact.”

you can be pretty sure that the person who said it is using an equivocation fallacy as a smokescreen to cover the blatant axiomatic thinking fallacy. The illusion that is created is, “The story about molecules turning into people over long periods of time is a fact.” The word, “evolution,” is given the definition of “the story that molecules turned into people over long periods of time.” This story isn’t a fact, though. So, the smokescreen is to insist that the word, “evolution,” means both “the story that molecules turned into people over long periods of time,” and “minor adaptations within kinds of living things.” We can observe the minor adaptations within kinds of living things. We can’t observe the story that molecules turned into people over long periods of time. These are two totally different concepts, but the evolution-believer is using the same word, “evolution,” for these different concepts. That creates confusion in thinking. It’s known as “equivocation.” Schools train people in this kind of irrationality, and it becomes so ingrained that graduates find it impossible to be rational.

By the way, the only way around the axiomatic thinking fallacy is Divine revelation. God speaks through Scripture and through every means mentioned in Scripture. When we add to His Utterances or diminish them, we have one tool to do this. It’s the axiomatic thinking fallacy. We make assumptions. We use bare assertions. We use outright lies. Then, we use smokescreens, such as circular reasoning or infinite regression to hide our axiomatic thinking fallacies.

In conclusion, the only operative fallacy is axiomatic thinking. All other fallacies serve the purpose of giving the illusion that the axiom is part of reality.

How Does God Say Scripture is Interpreted?


Some people say, “Scripture interprets Scripture.” It might be more accurate to state that the Holy Spirit may clarify one verse of Scripture with another verse of Scripture.

God says something through Scripture about the human mind. The human heart (mind) is deceitful and desperately wicked. It can’t be trusted to interpret Scripture. We aren’t supposed to speak a vision out of our own heart. We aren’t supposed to add to Scripture or diminish it. Interpretation adds interpretation to Scripture. Scripture must be spiritually discerned. Spiritual discernment comes from the Holy Spirit. Are we each supposed to interpret Scripture independently, or does God have a pattern for unity of the Body of Christ?

Scripture is the most authoritative means through which Christ speaks. However, different Christians interpret Scripture differently, each one claiming to have the truth. Theologies of major organizations are not consistent. Interpretations of the Bible vary. There are two problems. Many Christians trust the human mind to analyze Scripture. Others believe that the Almighty God is able to reveal the interpretation. Among both groups, there are huge divisions. On the rationalist side, each group asserts that it is properly interpreting Scripture and teaching it correctly and all the other groups are wrong. Among those who seek God for revelation, you would expect unity. Yet there are obviously some who think that they’re receiving revelation when they aren’t. If they were all receiving revelation, then they would all be teaching the same things.

We can eliminate those who are depending on the fallen human mind rather than depending on God. There’s a philosophy known as “rationalism.” In this philosophy, it’s believed that the human mind can manufacture knowledge without the benefit of either revelation or observation. There isn’t any evidence to show that rationalism works, but there’s a lot of evidence to show that it doesn’t work. In fact, logic requires a true premise that proves a conclusion true. Sound logic cannot be based on any assumptions at all.  It’s impossible to prove a premise true unless that premise is Divine revelation. Rationalizing a premise is irrational. Using assumptions to establish a premise is irrational. When you go to prove a premise, how would you do it? You would need another premise. How would you prove that premise? With another premise you can’t prove? You can understand the problem. The human mind is hopelessly weak without Divine revelation. There seems to be no awareness of the problem among those who are looking at their own worldviews and not at Scripture at all. They add to Scripture and diminish Scripture with each statement, yet, they think they are merely paraphrasing Scripture or even quoting it.

Most theologies don’t even consider the possibility of asking God what He thinks and waiting for His answer. Even with Divine revelation, the mind is only able to receive it and submit to it. And, even with Divine revelation, we can be fooled by our own carnal minds that disguise our own ideas and makes them appear to us as coming from God. Most don’t consider that even what He does, in fact, reveal is partial, and He wants to reveal greater depth of understanding. Adding to this problem, throughout time there have been false teachers and false prophets. Today, this is still a problem, and much of it is driven by money, power, or prestige.

Does God have a pattern for receiving the correct interpretation that He has revealed through Scripture? Yes. God has a pattern in Scripture to keep the revelation pure. God speaks through Scripture about His pattern for His Church. Just as God doesn’t want His pattern for marriage perverted, He doesn’t want His pattern for the Church perverted. The situation isn’t hopeless. God is restoring. He will complete the process.

Search the Scripture. Ask God to show you how the government of the Church is supposed to work. What are the offices that are set to receive the interpretation of Scripture with authority? How are they set into office? Do they call themselves? Are they set by the will of mankind or popular vote? Can humanity self-generate these offices and this order, or must God move to instigate this. There are many who are claiming authority today. If there is any authority, and you seek God and wait on God, He will direct you in finding this pattern and He will direct you to some level of authority and order.

Sin Violates Love


This subject confuses Christians. God clarifies this through Scripture, and yet Christians are confused. The purpose of this post is to try to set things straight. Love is tied to reason in that sin makes us callous to God. Love fulfills the Law. Sin is breaking the Law. When we’re callous toward God, discernment decreases. Without discernment, it’s impossible to tell the difference between reality and make-believe. Submission to the Holy Spirit will result in increasing discernment from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord. It results in a mind that is made new, as Romans 12:1-2 mentions.

There are two main distortions of God’s love among Christians. One tries to self-generate love. This is equivalent to trying to self-generate God. It is also equivalent to trying to self-generate righteousness. Self-righteousness frustrates the grace of God. God gives His grace, His free gift of righteousness. When we jump in and try to help, we defile His righteousness with our fleshly efforts. We start with extra-biblical forms, rituals, doctrines, laws, rules, and that sort of thing. We go on to try to do great works for God. We speak visions out of our own hearts (innermost minds). We show contempt for anyone who won’t go along with our foolishness. I say, “we,” because I’m just as guilty. May the Holy Spirit deliver us both.

The second distortion is the target of this meme. There is the notion that “God is love, so God doesn’t care what we do.” It’s the notion that “a loving God doesn’t mind sexual sin, covetousness, stealing, or any other sin that people think will make them happy.” Sometimes, sex outside of marriage is given the false label of “love.” God created sex holy for a specific relationship in a specific order that’s fully defined in Scripture. Distorting sex in any way is not love. It’s the lack of love. When a man and woman violate this by sexual thoughts, speech, or action outside of a life-long commitment of marriage between one man and one woman, it’s not love. It’s the absence of love. It’s spiritual wickedness that enslaves them to Satan. It destroys the order of the home as God designed it. The order of the home is the basic unit of the Church, so it hurts the Church. It’s very destructive. It even destroys countries and societies. The sins people think will make them happy only make them addicted to those sins. They become increasingly ensnared and enslaved. They lose the ability to know the difference between right and wrong. They can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe. They can’t reason or sense the Holy Spirit’s leading any more. Sin brings death and judgment. Salvation is salvation from sin and to righteousness.

“Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as He is righteous.” 1 John 3:7

Notice that He warns us not to allow anyone to deceive us. The reason that God warns us in this way is because someone is going to try to deceive us. Imputed righteousness is real righteousness. It’s God thinking His thoughts, speaking His Utterances, and doing His Works through you by His Grace, which is accessed through real Faith, which comes to us as we hear His Voice and yield ourselves to Him. That’s what righteousness is.

Righteousness is walking on the Path or the Way. Christ is the Way. He speaks the Truth to us, which He is. When we walk in the Way, we are walking in the Life of the coming Age, a Life which He is. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Truth is reality. It’s what’s really real.

We walk in this way by hearing and acknowledging the leading of Christ. We can’t self-generate righteousness, but we can will to do His Will rather than our own wills or the wills of other people or the wills of demons. There are many who would like to lead us, including our own minds. Christ may speak through other Christians to lead us. God speaks of that in 1 Corinthians 12. He says that God isn’t like an idol that’s incapable of articulate speech. He’s not dumb, unable to talk. Then, He says that no person can call Jesus accursed by the Holy Spirit and no one can say that Jesus is Lord without the Holy Spirit. Then, He goes on to name the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit that make Christ visible in His Body of believers. In other Scripture, He explains how those gifts are imparted by the laying on of hands and prophecy of the presbytery.

Sin is stepping or slipping off of this way. Sin is listening to our own leading, turning our will inward toward our own fleshly minds or generating visions out of our own hearts. Sin is listening to those who aren’t speaking by the Spirit of God, ungodly counselors or Christians who are following their own intellects. Sin is listening to the leading of demonic powers by exposing ourselves to that which is filthy, violent, or sensual. This may be conversations where we try to fit in with the ungodly. This may be various forms of media, magazines at the checkout counter, Internet images, TV shows that are increasingly violent and increasingly promote perversions of sex. It includes every misrepresentation of the Good News about what Jesus Christ is doing in and through His Church.


Let Your Light Shine


“If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 4:11

Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.” 2 Corinthians 3:3


Saved from Sin to Good Works



We’re not saved from Hell by good works. We’re saved from sin to good works. Good works are a gift from God. Righteousness is part of our salvation.

Faith isn’t make-believe. It comes when we hear the Word of God. (Ro. 10:17) Looking into the original Greek, it comes when we hear the rhema of God. “Rhema” means “utterance.”

Faith gives access to grace. The free gift of righteousness flows from God through us. (Ro. 5:17) Our part is to receive it and yield the members of our bodies to His righteousness.

(Ro. 6:13) When we try to self-generate righteousness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, peace, joy, or anything else, we frustrate the grace of God. (Gal. 2:21)


Receiving Revelation

TheHumanMindIsCapableOf ReceivingOrRejecting

The human mind is capable of receiving or rejecting revelation. God is capable of imparting it. God asks us not to add to it or diminish it.

There’s a philosophy, known as “Rationalism,” that claims that the human mind (at least certain minds of people who are labeled “intellectuals”) are capable of self-generating knowledge without the benefit of either Divine revelation or observation. There is no evidence for this philosophy. Some Christians also accept this philosophy, at least in practice. These are the ones who lean on their own understandings and divide the Church.


The human mind can’t self-generate knowledge. Even the Atheists and Skeptics know that, but they then say that nothing can be known–or that, since nothing can be known, basing everything on assumptions is just OK and can somehow yield a proximate knowledge–which is nonsense. That’s why discussions with them are so frustrating unless you realize that they’re just making the whole thing up.

When the human mind tries to pull knowledge out of itself, it has to make things up. When communicating this vapor, fallacies are the vehicle to give the illusion that the made-up stuff has substance. Everywhere you see a theological argument, you will find made-up stuff presented as if it had substance. However, Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It’s the evidence, absolute certainty, of things not seen. And it only comes by hearing, that is, hearing the rhema (Utterance) of God. In other words, we need Divine leading, teaching, and guiding.