Absolute and Checkable Knowledge

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Because of the nature of truth, reason, logic, and true science, no argument against the Bible can stand. Those who argue against the Bible base their arguments on made-up stuff. So arguments against the Bible are based on made-up stuff, but we can rationally know that the Bible is God’s word without error since God’s proof is divine revelation. And God doesn’t only reveal truth about the Bible, but God provides plenty of proof for His existence since, through His creation, He speaks to every person continuously. In fact, He says that those who don’t acknowledge Him are without excuse. They know because He reveals Himself to them. Those of us who stand in God’s presence know He exists since He’s a constant friend and leader to every person who follows Christ.

So we can use sound reasoning when explaining how we know that the Bible is God’s word or how we can know God exists. And we can also use sound reasoning to give a response to someone who asks us about the hope of Christ Who’s in us.


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