Ad Ignorantiam Fallacy

My ignorance doesn’t prove or disprove any point. That’s the crux of the ad ignorantiam fallacy. This fallacy often takes the form of a question in debates. “Let me ask you a question, and, if you can’t answer it to my satisfaction, that proves that I’m right and you’re wrong.” Of course, it proves nothing of the kind.
There is a rational way to use questions in a discussion. Ken Ham gave a perfect example. Ken Ham asked Bill Nye if he knew of any piece of useful technology that required the theory of evolution to develop the technology. This question points out the fact that evolutionists equivocate on the word “science.” They mix useful science that leads to helpful technologies with useless storytelling about an imagined past. That’s a package deal fallacy that packs observation, trial and error, and testing into the same word “science” with fanciful storytelling. Observation, trial and error, and testing are not the same thing as fanciful storytelling. The fact that Bill Nye was unable to give any example of such a technology shows that Bill Nye has no basis for his dogmatic belief and his claim that the Creation Model should be censored. It does not, however, disprove the stories of evolutionism. Divine revelation disproves the stories of evolutionism.
Ken used several such questions that hit at the root of Bill’s dogmatic belief system. On the other hand, Bill never asked a question that struck at the root of the Christian belief and trust in God and the history God reveals through the Bible. If Bill had been able to stump Ken Ham with any of his ad ignorantiam questions (which he was not able), it would not have taken away the basis for our belief. We know Christ exists because we know Christ. We know the history in the Bible is correct and accurate because Christ speaks into our innermost minds and assures us that the Bible is His utterance and that it’s without error. This is absolute knowledge and assurance because it’s not based on any assumptions. It’s based firmly on the only Foundation that can be laid, which is Jesus Christ. That Foundation isn’t shaken because we don’t know some detail about how God did something. We don’t depend on dogma. We depend on Christ. Evolutionism depends on dogma.
Not only that, but anyone can check out this divine revelation. Some people claim that no one can check out divine revelation. In fact, anyone can check out divine revelation since everyone who seeks Christ finds Christ. Christ leads, teaches, and corrects everyone who follows Him. He never contradicts Himself. The stories of evolutionism are called “science” but are uncheckable. The divine revelation that God created the heavens and the earth and sent the global flood is called “religion” but are checkable. Go figure.
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