All Knowledge is Hidden in Christ

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>
Those who refuse to acknowledge God miss most of the blessings of science, but God still blesses them and gives them some of His knowledge through science. They can find many things that work because of God’s divine revelation even though they refuse to acknowledge God or thank Him for the blessing of this knowledge. However, as mentioned previously, they’re limited because they can’t tell the difference between revelation and made-up stuff. Therefore, they can’t have certainty about anything. And yet, they accept that and reason as though their uncertainty were certainty. They may also be able to infer from the observations alone. If they don’t go beyond what they observe in the present, they can infer from that. However, when they try to guess beyond what they observe, they run into a problem. When ungodly thinkers try to reason about causes for what they observe, they don’t have a way to discern between truth and error or reality and make-believe. As a result, some of what’s called “science” comes from made-up stuff, while some of it comes from divine revelation. However, ungodly thinkers have no way to tell the difference between made-up stuff and divine revelation.
<end quote>
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