All Who Seek Christ Find Christ


Everyone who sincerely seeks Christ finds Christ. Although He forces Himself on no one, He rejects no one. Rather, He freely pardons and sets us free from the sinful nature, peer pressure, and the deceitful power of the devil as we yield ourselves to His grace and righteousness. And Christ reveals Himself to every person through the things He has created and the testimony of those who walk in the Spirit. Christ leads, teaches, and corrects every person who follows Him. He interprets our observations and experiences and shows us the way. He’s the Source of every good thing including knowledge, understanding, wisdom, righteousness, and faith. What He says is the truth. Outside of Him, none of those are possible. For instance, the human mind can’t reason to any truth without Christ. Nor can we self-generate true righteousness without Christ.

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Scientia, “Real Faith & Reason Journey”


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