Assertions Contrary to Fact.

Counterfactual Fallacy

(a.k.a. Assertion Contrary to Fact, Lie, or Untruth)

A lie

A statement contrary to fact

A persuader may state an untruth as a premise or conclusion. The persuader may mix the false statement with some truth to make it more deceptive, or the total statement may be untrue.

All lies originate from Satan. (John 8:44) Some ungodly thinkers are certain that Satan doesn’t exist, so these ungodly thinkers have filtered Satan out of their worldviews, and they assume that Satan doesn’t exist based on their worldviews. That’s a fallacy that counters the facts. It’s against the facts. They may even try to prove that Satan doesn’t exist by the logical fallacy of appeal to ridicule, which is a smokescreen to hide the counterfactual fallacy.

(quotation from Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies: direct link –


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