Confusing Stories with Reality

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Many thinkers confuse the stories of big bang, billions of years, and molecules to humanity with reality. Oddly enough, these same thinkers then use the stories of big bang, billions of years, and molecules to humanity as “proof” for claims of “no God.” However, theories can never prove anything because they’re just stories. They’re made-up stories with a fancy name. They’re speculative explanations of observations. Since the storytellers extend their stories beyond the observations, they can’t prove that their stories are true nor can they use their stories to prove anything. But storytellers sometimes give the false impression that their stories belong to reality. And yet these stories remain made-up stuff even if the storytellers try to objectify them and try to make them look like reality. By confusing theory with reality, they work to deceive us.

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