Destructive Cycle

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
If we base our reasoning on a destructive worldview, we’ll reason destructively based on the assumptions coming from our worldviews. That destructive reasoning will lead to destructive words and acts that come out of our convictions. Our behaviors and habits will become destructive. Then, our habits make our worldviews more rigid and unmovable.
So worldviews can result in destructive behaviors. Then destructive behaviors, in turn, harden the worldviews against reality, and, in this way, destructive behaviors are fallacies in action, and action becomes habit, and habit becomes part of the worldview
We only partly understand how this downward spiral takes place on the levels of spirit, soul/mind, and body, yet we’ve seen it impact our lives in various ways. We’ve seen that temptation comes with the promise of satisfaction, solution, and peace, but yielding to temptation brings dissatisfaction, trouble, and lack of peace. Sin is habit-forming and progressive. It takes us farther than we wanted to go, is more destructive than we could have imagined, and makes us stay longer than we wanted to stay.
Jesus calls us to be set free from sin.
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