Epicurus’s Old Irrational Questions

There are no rational arguments against the Bible or the God of the Bible, nor can there be. Rational thought requires a true premise. The human mind has no method to self-generate a true premise. That’s why ungodly thinkers can only react to their surroundings. They’re limited to their sense data and can’t reason to any rational conclusion beyond what they can sense and test. They’re limited to pragmatic living. Real science is pragmatic, so ungodly thinkers can do science as long as they stick to what they can observe and test. The problem comes in when they try to reason about God, right, wrong, truth, history, or anything beyond what they can observe and test.

They can see that George Washington and Jesus Christ lived. They know that they lived based on the testimonies of eye-witnesses. However, they can’t even know that in an absolute sense. Hume realized this human problem and drifted into naturalism, thinking that would help him. However, naturalism is a philosophy that’s based on made-up stuff. As we can see from the quote above, Hume didn’t restrict himself to what can be observed and tested. That’s why he became irrational in his thinking.

On the other hand, everyone who seeks Christ finds Christ. Anyone can test this. No one has to take the word of another person on this issue. We all have equal access. Christ leads, teaches, and corrects everyone who follows Him. When He speaks, He speaks by the power of the logos/rhema of God, which is the same creative force that created the universe. He speaks through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture. When He speaks, faith comes. Faith is substance, that is, reality as opposed to concept. Faith is also evidence, that is, absolute proof of whatever God says. What God says is truth. That’s why we can only reason rationally as we listen to the voice of God



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