Confusing Fake Truth with Truth

My Journey

It’s been a wonderful journey so far. And yet, it seems that I’ve only started. I’ve been exploring the mysteries of truth. Mysteries are those areas of truth that God has not yet revealed. I’ve just released a six-book library called Real Faith & Reason Library. The library is free in eBook format. It may be available in print soon. Some parts of this library will probably be available in audio by this summer.

In the process of my journey, I’ve discovered some obvious facts. I’ll list a few here before getting into one of the fallacies that I found.

  • It’s insane to make up something and say that this made-up stuff proves something else.
  • It’s common for people to make up something and say that this made-up stuff proves something else.
  • The human mind has no capacity for self-generating truth.
  • Many ungodly thinkers insist that the human mind has a capacity for self-generating truth.
  • The power of deception is in blurring the line between reality and make-believe.
  • Without real faith, sound reasoning is impossible.
  • God is real and Jesus Christ is real. These aren’t concepts.
  • Ungodly thinkers deceive themselves with trickery to think that God and Jesus Christ are concepts.
  • Christ leads, teaches, and corrects everyone who follows Him.
  • The Holy Spirit speaks to us through Scripture and every means mentioned in Scripture.
  • God never contradicts Himself, so no revelation from Scripture or any other revelation will ever conflict with Scripture.
  • Everyone who seeks Christ finds Christ.
  • Many ungodly thinkers don’t want Christ, so they refuse to seek Him. They work hard to suppress the truth of God in their deceptive trickery.

Confusing Pseudo Truth with Truth Fallacy

(a.k.a. Confusing Mathematical Truth with Truth, Confusing Logical Truths with Truth, Confusing what is True by Definition with Truth, Confusing Personal Truth with Truth, Confusing Analytical Truth with Truth, or Confusing Tautologies with Truth)

Thinking that something that’s called truth is actual truth just because it’s called truth

Types of Pseudo Truth

  • Semantic Truth
  • Mathematical
  • Logical Truths
  • what is True
  • Personal Truth
  • Tautologies
  • Analytic Truth


The human mind is able to manufacture truth without the benefit of either divine revelation or observation. Let me show you how I, as an atheist, can do this. I’ll just make the following true statement: My car either exists or it doesn’t. That statement is true. I just manufactured truth without divine revelation or observation.

That’s what’s known as an analytical statement. Some would call it a tautology. The statement doesn’t say anything. What can we do with it? What a life this person would lead. He would say, “I either exists or I don’t.” “I either live at my address or I don’t.” “I either am a computer programmer or I’m not.” An ungodly thinker can’t answer the question, “How do you know?” That question is embarrassing to an ungodly thinker.

However, he doesn’t limit himself. He uses the irrational claim above to justify making up stuff and calling the made-up stuff true. From that made-up stuff, he concludes that God doesn’t reveal Himself to anyone, that socialism is the way society should be run, that all Christians should be rounded up and exterminated, and that the stories of evolutionism are true. He also concludes that his claim, the one we just quoted, is rational. And, based on the made-up stuff by which he concludes that his claim is rational, he also concludes that he can make up stuff and the made-up stuff is true.

Of course I can reason rationally without a premise that I’ve proved true. My mind is able to determine the truth without divine revelation or observation. Watch me make a true statement without either of those. My wife is my wife. That’s true, isn’t it? Here’s another one. I am who I am. I can create mathematical truth tables. That’s all about truth. Also, if I define science to mean the scientific method, whatever we learn using the scientific method, and the current opinion of the scientific establishment. Given this definition of science, the stories of evolutionism are science. Here’s another one. All bachelors are unmarried.

Of those statements that are called “true,” not one is the truth. Some are rhetoric that doesn’t prove anything. What is true by definition doesn’t prove anything since definitions don’t prove anything. Definitions just make sure that we know what someone means when that person uses a certain word.

My personal truth is that I live life free from the restrictions of any God since my personal truth eliminates God.

In my personal truth, there is no such thing as right and wrong. Those are just constructs of society.

In my reality, I’m a unicorn living on the planet Elmo just past the North Star.

What started as a book ended up being six books plus a Scripture reference.

  • Reason, First Leg of the Journey, which was renamed Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume One
  • Reason, Second Leg of the Journey, which was renamed Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume Two
  • Reason, Continuing the Journey, which was renamed Real Faith & Reason Journey Volume Three
  • Exposing the Nye-Ham Debate
  • Encyclopedia of Logical Fallacies (a reference set-perhaps the most comprehensive listing of fallacies in existence
  • Quick Guide to Syllogisms

Real Faith & Reason Library is ready now.

Real Faith

Real Reason


Three formats for download: epub, mobi, and pdf



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