God is Love

God is Love.
Without Christ, there’s only fake love.
Love never violates God’s Law.
Love follows God’s patterns in Scripture
Christ lives within all who receive Him.
Christ is God’s Word.
He’s God’s Logos and Rhema, God’s Utterance.
God speaks. Christ is the Truth.
All who love Truth listen to Christ.
Christ speaks through Scripture and every means
of divine revelation mentioned in Scripture.
When Christ speaks, He never contradicts Scripture. Christ is the Wisdom.
Wisdom is Righteousness, Holiness, and Redemption.
Christ redeems us, sets us free from sin.
Righteousness is Christ
saying His Word and doing His Acts through us.
Holiness is Christ being formed in us
and purifiying us from the fleshly nature.
God hid ALL knowledge in Christ,
and Christ reveals reality to those
who sincerely ask Him.
If we’re sincere, we listen to Christ
without mixing His revelation with ungodly council.
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