God Reveals Absolute but Incomplete Truth

2 Peter 2:12a and Jude 1:10 & 19 speak of those who are like brute beast, unable to process rational thought and only able to respond to their five senses because they don’t listen to the Holy Spirit.

God reveals absolute, though partial, truth. God reveals spiritual truth and historical truth, but the brute-beast mind can’t self-generate this form of knowledge. However, this brute-beast mind continually has opinions about such things as morality, sin, God, heaven, hell, ethics, politics, history, and truth. None of these is material. This brute-beast mind can be brilliant in creating testable technology like computers, medical equipment, and rockets. People develop these products pragmatically. They test them. They fine-tune them. However, the brute-beast mind can’t test a historical story or a moral issue. God reveals a natural understanding of moral issues to this natural human mind. We call this “conscience.” However, as humans try to reason from their own natural understandings, the brute-beast mind is incapable. It begins to destroy the conscience and to twist it. This mind is incapable of rational reasoning, and we’ll fully explore why.
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