President Trump and the Bible

I’m glad the President made a symbolic gesture with the Bible in front of a church building this week. The Bible is God’s word without error. I know this because I know Jesus Christ personally. He leads, teaches, and corrects me moment by moment. And the Holy Spirit lives within me to guide me. The Holy Spirit that proceeds from Christ reveals to me that the Bible is God’s word without error. And He speaks to me through Scripture. No one can read Scripture without hearing the voice of God. God reveals the truth through the Bible and every means of divine revelation mentioned in the Bible. He never contradicts biblical revelation with any other revelation, but He often explains the Bible. You don’t have to take my word for it since every person who seeks Christ finds Christ. And Christ leads, teaches, and corrects every person who follows Him. I invite you to know Christ. Anyone who is on the side of truth or who desires truth listens to Jesus.

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Rocky Rockbuilder: “Hi there. My name is Rocky Rockbuilder.”

Sandy Sandbuilder: “That’s circular reasoning since you’re referencing yourself.”

Of course, it’s not a circular reasoning fallacy even though Rocky referenced himself. Now, this person could be a Rocky impersonator, but that’s a question of authority. Compare that reasoning to this reasoning:

Rocky Rockbuilder: “I know that Christ exists because He reveals Himself to me and imparts His faith to me.”

Sandy Sandbuilder: “That’s circular reasoning since Christ is referencing Himself.”

We can notice that Rocky didn’t offer his own experience with Christ as proof to Sandy, but rather, he explained that Christ reveals Himself and imparts His faith as proof. Rocky didn’t commit a circular reasoning fallacy, but Sandy may question whether Rocky’s experience is real. And applying the same principle, we could tell the disbeliever that we know God speaks through the Bible (and various methods of revelation mentioned in the Bible) because He tells us that He does. If we say that, it isn’t circular reasoning. And we could tell the disbeliever that we’ve experienced Christ speaking to us, which isn’t circular reasoning either. However, the disbeliever could question whether we’re lying or crazy.

On the other hand, the disbeliever could question God’s truthfulness, but those are questions of authority rather than circular reasoning fallacies. Also, a disbeliever could question whether the Almighty Creator God has power and authority to reveal the difference between revelation and made-up stuff. But that’s also a question of authority. Questions of authority ask, “Can we trust the person to know and tell the truth?” And, in this example, Sandy knows that Christ exists since Christ has already revealed this fact to Sandy just as Christ proclaims through the first chapter of Romans. So Sandy knows, but he still challenges Christ’s authority just as Satan challenges Christ’s authority.
</end quote>


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