Proposed Fake Paths to Knowledge

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>
We hear some thinkers speak of various forms of knowledge such as the following:
  • a posteriori knowledge
  • a priori knowledge
  • dispersed knowledge
  • domain knowledge
  • empirical knowledge
  • encoded knowledge
  • explicit knowledge
  • known unknowns
  • meta-knowledge
  • procedural knowledge
  • propositional knowledge
  • descriptive knowledge
  • declarative knowledge
  • situated knowledge
  • tacit knowledge
  • non-propositional knowledge
  • logical knowledge
  • semantic knowledge
  • systemic knowledge
The problem is that not one of these supposed forms of “knowledge” can get us to knowledge of the truth. When we examine each of them, we find hot air and no foundation for truth. Then the same people talk about concepts such as the following:
  • coherence theory of truth
  • correspondence theory of truth
  • pragmatic theory of truth
  • semantic theory of truth
  • redundancy theory of truth
  • logical empiricism to reason to truth
However, not one of these concepts can get us to knowledge of the truth either.
And then there are those who claim to know that no truth can be known, but they’re refuting themselves. Their claim is internally conflicted. Plus, they’re claiming to know the status of every person who has ever lived. They’re denying that God knows all things, cannot lie, and reveals truth to those who seek Him. But they’re making that denial based on a bare claim. They’re just making it up and claiming that it’s true. They have no basis in fact. They’re claiming to know the spiritual experience of every person who ever lived, and they’re gaslighting millions of followers of Christ to whom Jesus Christ reveals absolute, though partial, truth. In other words, they’re claiming to be omniscient, knowing all things. But they’re lying to us.
And these are the experts on knowledge. They know nothing about truth, and they teach in universities.
<end quote>
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