Review of “Evolution: A House of Cards” by Mike Viccary

Evolution: A House of CardsEvolution: A House of Cards by Mike Viccary
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I enjoyed Mike Viccary’s book: “Evolution: A house of cards!” It’s straight-forward and easy to understand. Mike comes as a scientist, giving insights into the nature of naturalistic science. He has extensively researched the writings of scientists and philosophers of science. What he reveals may make some readers uncomfortable. It certainly exposes some of the problems science today. It’s the most detailed analysis of those problems I’ve ever read. It also features a very thorough analysis of nineteen prominent “evangelical” writers who are not young-earth creationists.

At the same time, Mike gives surprising insights into the way Christians know the truth about reality. He’s one of few scientists I know of who admits that Jesus Christ is real and knowable. Most Christian books I’ve read on the subject of evolution express belief that the Bible is God’s word and without error. However, they wouldn’t say things like the following quotes from “Evolution: A house of cards!”

“but the experience of sudden revelations and so forth, lead us to ask: where did that come from?”

“What does God require? He requires of us that we look to Him exclusively and that we chart our course according to His lead.”

“we have come to understand that God speaks clearly in and through creation, but man (and specifically the modern scientist) refuses to hear. God’s speech in creation does not conflict at all with His word in Scripture.”

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