The Battle is for the Mind

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
As we’ve seen, a worldview filters out anything that isn’t already in the worldview. Fake information flows from worldviews, and this fake information seems real in the darkness of the worldview. In contrast, truth comes from the person of Christ. So truth deflects lies that come from the various worldviews while deceptive fake realities of worldviews deflect truth that comes from Christ.

The worldview is a fake reality. It’s a filter. The Presence of Jesus within us and His moment-by-moment leading and revelation is the Source of all truth. Christ uses truth to deflect the lies that come from the worldview. The worldview uses the fake reality to deflect the truth that Christ reveals.

This truth-deflection is even more of a problem for thinkers who claim that their own worldviews aren’t subject to error, but that the worldviews of other thinkers are subject to error. They make this mistake in judgment because worldviews seem accurate and deceptively real to the thinkers who own them. This delusion allows each thinker’s worldview to deceive that thinker to the point where conflicting worldviews seem dreamlike, whacky, and insane. In other words, my worldview seems real to me, and your worldview seems real to you. However, if we discuss the minute details of our deeply held beliefs and convictions, certain parts of my worldview may seem insane to you because they conflict with your worldview and vice versa. Worldviews cause a fallacy known as “belief perseverance.”

So when thinkers speak of personal realities, those “personal realities” are worldviews. They aren’t real realities, but they’re fake realities.
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