The Futility of Scientism

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Andy Bannister, on page 133 of his book “The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist,” noted:

“Revelation is not contrary to reason. But scientism, the idea that science can tell us everything is not merely contrary but devastating to reason.”

On page 139 of the same book, Andy says:

“. . . if that God is truly personal, then perhaps He has done what personal creatures do all the time – namely communicate.”

From there, Andy uses knowing himself as an example.

“. . . if you want to get to know what I’m really like, you could buy and read my books. . . . But there’s an even better way: you could ask those who know me, or get to know me personally yourself.”

Think of the consequences of Andy’s suggestion: “. . . or get to know me personally yourself.” What an alternative! What about getting to know God personally? We can do just that through Jesus Christ.

Andy also mentions Daniel Dennett’s unproven claim of materialism:

“There is only one sort of stuff, namely matter.”

Dennett goes on to make another amazing claim without proof:

“The mind is somehow nothing but physical phenomenon. In short, the mind is the brain.”

Dennett continued on to the materialism of human thought. He claimed human thought is like continental drift, photosynthesis, and other similar things. Andy Bannister comments:

“So, if Dennett is right, something follows: those things are not rational; therefore, neither are we.”

Dennett just claimed that no one could be rational, and he did it based on axiomatic thinking. He probably didn’t mean to, but he did. Dennett still thinks that he’s rational and that everyone ought to listen to him, but he doesn’t even notice the conflict. As we meet ungodly dogmatic thinkers, we find that they need to use irrationality similar to Dennett’s so they can keep deceiving themselves to avoid Christ and His righteousness. And here’s the bottom line. They don’t want Christ because their deeds are evil and they love darkness rather than light. (John 3:19-21)

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