The Illusion of Knowledge

2 Peter 2:12a and Jude 1:10 & 19 speak of those who are like brute beast, unable to process rational thought and only able to respond to their five senses because they don’t listen to the Holy Spirit.

How can we have truth but not know it? We’re in this plight when we disconnect from the Holy Spirit. God imparts some natural truth in the form of instinct or intuition. We know sex is for marriage. We know marriage is between one man and one woman who vow before God to remain together for life excluding all others from this sacred trust. We know stealing and murder are wrong. We know many such truths, and everyone knows these truths. We know them by divine revelation. However, we can’t prove anything if we’re trying to survive without the Holy Spirit. We’ve seen many who have lost this natural knowledge. They’ve murdered strangers or distorted God’s natural pattern for marriages and families. They drifted from God’s Spirit and rationalized behavior God didn’t create in His natural order. They’ve gone down into bondage to unnatural desires and addictions. Others have followed God’s natural orders to some extent, but they can’t explain why. To them, good and evil are merely interesting concepts but not part of reality. When we refuse to acknowledge God, we can’t know anything for sure. We can have the illusion of knowledge, though.
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