The Same Evidence

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Evolution scientists and creation scientists both use the same observations. However, the interpretation varies. Creation scientists also use divine revelation. So that’s another factor. Evolution scientists counter divine revelation with their worldviews and the groupthink worldview of the scientific establishment. They sometimes label this groupthink worldview with the confusing term “established science” or “mainstream science.” Evolution scientists try to interpret the observations to conform to their worldviews. Creation scientists also try to interpret the observations and revelations, and they also struggle with their own worldviews. The interpretation always goes beyond the observations and revelations. We can test the observations physically. We can test the biblical text physically. We can test the revelation spiritually. We can’t test the interpretations. The interpretations take the form of storytelling.

Evolution scientists often question revelation. God speaks through Scripture and every process of God’s revelation mentioned in Scripture. Evolution scientists might accuse us of merely making up a story that the Scripture is divine revelation. They may accuse us of circular reasoning, and here’s what they say we say:

“The Bible says that it’s divine revelation, so the Bible is divine revelation, so we can believe the Bible when it says that it’s divine revelation.”

But we have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that the Bible is God’s Word without error. God speaks through many means. When God speaks, that’s not circular reasoning. They can question God’s authority or question whether we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing, but the circular reasoning accusation is silly.

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