The Simplicity that’s in Christ

Simplicity in Christ

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Here’s how this simplicity works to avoid circular reasoning and all other fallacies. When God speaks, His faith comes, and His faith is imparted certainty that comes when anyone acknowledges His revelation. Since it’s His faith, it isn’t made-up stuff. His faith is the substance (reality as opposed to made-up stuff) of things hoped for, and the evidence (absolute proof and certainty) of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) This faith comes as a gift when God speaks and we acknowledge Him speaking. And since we can’t draw this faith out of ourselves, we can’t self-generate real faith. Instead, Christ is the Author and Finisher of this faith. (Hebrews 12:2) Applying this truth to ungodly thinkers, God is speaking to them through us, and if they acknowledge Him, faith will come to them also. If they only acknowledge our fleshly nature, then they won’t acknowledge Christ, and faith won’t come to them.

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