Ungodly Thinking is Bankrupt

Ungodly thinking is bankrupt. It can have perfect logical form and yet the premises are either unproven or untrue. The premises are bare claims. They consist of made-up stuff. The amazing thing is when the ungodly thinker declares his or her made-up stuff to be real stuff. Then, based on this made-up stuff, the ungodly thinker makes claims that would require the ungodly thinker to be all-knowing. They claim to know that the godly thinker isn’t hearing clearly from Christ. They claim that divine revelation is ruled out. This is a gas-lighting fallacy. Then, the ungodly thinker refuses to check out the evidence–the evidence being Jesus Christ Himself. The ungodly thinker refuses to seek Christ. Everyone who seeks Christ finds Christ. Christ leads, teaches, and corrects every person who follows Him. It’s easy to check this out. The ungodly thinker refuses.

And yet, this is the expected behavior when a person repeatedly turns away from God. The ungodly thinker is an ungodly thinker because the ungodly thinker turned away from God when God revealed Himself to the ungodly thinker. When the ungodly thinker turned away from God, it was because the ungodly thinker loved evil rather than good. The ungodly thinker loved darkness rather than light. The ungodly thinker loved pleasure rather than God.

Some ungodly thinkers sink so low that they start trolling the Internet. They want to debate. They want someone to debate them, but they pull their facts out of nowhere. They play mind games. There is no reason to try to continue a conversation with such a person once you know that they’re totally in the dark. They don’t have a clue. They can’t discern good from evil or reality from make-believe.

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