<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Even when followers of Christ disagree about doctrine, if they keep walking with Christ, all error will be exposed and expelled. However, if loyalty to an organization or doctrine is greater than loyalty to Christ, then the Holy Spirit won’t force anyone into submission to Him.
A skeptic may disagree with this truth, but the skeptic will have to base any such disagreement on made-up stuff. Consider this quote from True Truth by Art Lindsley.
“We might ask, is it objectively true to say that there are no objective truths? Can you deny the validity of reason without using reason? If “all perspectives of reality are culturally determined,” then is this statement itself culturally determined or transcultural? If all metanarratives are suspect because they lead to oppression, then can it not be maintained that post-modernism is itself a metanarrative and equally suspect? If all knowledge claims are a grab for power, then are not post-modernism’s contentions equally motivated by a will to power?”
</end quote>
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