We Can Know for Certain!


We should understand how we know that the truth is the truth. For instance, how can we know that the Bible is true and that God is real? We need to be able to answer that question absolutely.

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There is strong circumstantial evidence for the validity of the Bible and the existence of God, and we can use inductive reasoning to strongly suggest that the Bible is most likely valid and God most likely exists.

Then, there is absolute proof given by the fact that we know Jesus Christ personally. He leads us and guides us. He lives within us. We know by His utterance within us that the Bible is valid. He speaks to us through the Bible. And He speaks to us through every means of divine revelation mentioned in the Bible. We know that absolutely since faith is absolute, and faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word (rhema=utterance) of God. We can’t prove our inner experience to anyone else, but, since everyone who seeks Christ finds Christ, and, since Christ is the Light Who lights every person who comes into the world, those who refuse to listen to Christ are without excuse.

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