Christ Defeats the Münchhausen Trilemma

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Failed Ungodly Solutions for the [Münchausen] Trilemma
Ungodly intellectuals have several ways of dealing with the ungodly thinking trilemma. Nevertheless, not one of those ways is rational. While fallacious dismissals of the trilemma are endless, here’s a short and partial list of ways to deal with the ungodly thinking trilemma.
  • Ignore it.
  • Hide it.
  • Make fun of anyone who points out the problem.
  • Claim multiple lines of evidence which are simply additional bare assertions.
  • Claim proximate knowledge.
  • Use pragmatism.
  • Claim that success equals sound reasoning.
  • Defend infinite regression.
  • Claim that many assumptions stacked on top of each other equal truth.
  • Defend circular reasoning.
  • Defend axiomatic thinking by declaring claims to be self-supporting or self-evident.
  • Defend axiomatic thinking by claiming that we must base all thinking on axioms.
  • Claim to use the right assumptions.
  • Redefine science.
  • Credit scientific advances to humanity rather than to God.
</end quote>
Only Christ and His moment-by-moment leading, teaching, and correcting can overcome the Münchausen Trilemma. He speaks to us through the Bible and every means of divine revelation mentioned in the Bible.
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