A Good Reason to Believe

A Good Reason to Believe

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“The mark of rationality is to have a good reason for what we believe.” (Jason Lisle)

A good reason? What’s that? A good reason is a true premise and valid form, but we’re focusing on the premises. Conclusions can’t be better than the premises that prove them. If our premises are mere presuppositions, then they aren’t good, and we don’t have a good reason for what we believe. If our proof consists of mere presuppositions, we haven’t proved our conclusions. A presupposition has no truth because a presupposition is an unknown, and unknowns can’t lead to truth just as any other types of bare claim can’t lead to truth. Bare claims are mindless.

If God reveals something, what God reveals isn’t a human presupposition. Without exception what God reveals is true. But presupposition, being without a true premise, provides no way to have sound reasoning or a good reason for what we believe.

Even so, axiomatic thinking is widespread while truth is rare. We see axiomatic thinking in action when scientists teach that transitional forms exist or theologians teach speculative theologies, but both insist that they’re teaching reality. And surprisingly, there isn’t much difference between the reasoning processes of speculative scientists and speculative theologians since both start with evidence but base their claims on fantasy. In one case, the evidence is physical observation. In the other case, the evidence is Scripture. However, the claims speculate beyond the evidence in both cases. In neither case do persuaders base their conclusions on evidence. Instead, they use the filter of their worldviews to interpret evidence, and then they add imagination to shoehorn the evidence into their worldviews. Then they take their imagined speculations as axioms and repeat those speculated axioms until they think that the axioms that they imagined are part of the evidence. At this point, they can’t tell the difference between good versus evil, truth versus error, or reality versus make-believe.

No one has to have this problem. It’s a choice.

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