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We have a sense of what’s going to happen with the weather just by the way the winds blow, the temperature changes, the sky looks, and the air smells. The more experience we have with the weather, the more easily we can tell what’s going to happen. We can tell by what’s happened in the past. Meteorologists have found ways to gather data from many places to make those predictions more accurate. All of this prediction depends on memory and information that comes in from our five senses. The meteorologists have found ways to extend their memory and senses, but the same restrictions apply. What they can’t sense, they can’t know. However, it may be that part of what we, as humans, know about the weather (or anything else) is actually coming from God when that practical knowledge can’t be attributed to observation. Jesus asked the crowds why they didn’t know how to interpret the present time. It seems that knowing how to interpret the present time would have required more than just the five natural senses.

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