Rational Thought Requires Divine Revelation–Always!


Rocky Rockbuilder: Here’s the problem you face. The human mind has no way to self-generate knowledge, so, without divine revelation, you’re stuck making up stuff and calling the made-up stuff true. However, if you would seek Christ, you would find Him, and then you could be rational. I invite you to know Him and stop choosing bondage to Satan.

Sandy Sandbuilder: The human mind has no way to self-generate knowledge? How did Mayans build pyramids? How did the Chinese build the terracotta army? How did ancient Egyptians know about constellations and geometry? Pfft!

Rocky: God reveals reality, but, without divine revelation, we can’t know anything.

Sandy: So nobody outside of Christendom ever discovered anything? Nonsense!

Rocky: Repeating what I wrote earlier: “God lets His rain fall on the just and the unjust. He gives divine revelation to every person, or they couldn’t survive. However, those who refuse to acknowledge Him can’t distinguish between the reality God reveals and the make-believe coming out of their own imaginations.”

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