Deductions Requires Truth

Deduction reasons to true conclusions with true premises and valid form. The trouble is getting the true premise as a starting point for reasoning.

Induction is the only way to provide true premises through intuition.

Information must come from somewhere.

  • God (truth)
  • human worldview (deception)
  • demonic influence (deception)

Truth only comes from God.

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Induction is a form of reasoning distinct from deduction. Deduction can lead to knowledge of truth since, with true premises and valid form, the conclusion must be true. Deduction doesn’t add any information to the premises during reasoning. Deduction never produces new information. However, induction adds information to the premises through intuition. Since information must come from somewhere, there must be a source for this information coming through intuition. Here, we again have three sources for the information available through intuition: God, the human worldview, or demonic influence. Godless scientists can’t know which of these three provide the information. So godless induction only hints at a direction for investigation or suggests a hypothesis. When scientists attempt to use the human mind to reason beyond what they observe, the result is uncertain. They must add made-up stuff to get beyond what they observe. That’s why scientists observing the same created world infer radically different conclusions from the same observations.

<end quote>


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