Scientific Methods

Science is a gift from God. Humans often turn God’s gifts into idols and worship them and depend on them. Much of science has gone wild and left the foundation of truth because of the philosophy of naturalism. Taking that philosophy as an axiom, scientists come up with unworkable and unprofitable ideas. Darwin brought us a false “science” called evolutionism that continued a godless trend and has led to the current craziness we now see all around us.

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Scientific Methods

“What passes for scientific methodology is a misrepresentation of what scientists do or ought to do.” ~ P. B. Medawar, Induction and Intuition in Scientific Thought

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no agreement on a single scientific method among philosophers of science, and most scientists could care less about the philosophy of science. If we search the Internet, we find several systems for scientific method, and many of the websites break scientific methods into distinct steps. In general, scientists don’t work that way.

“The definition of ‘science’ has haunted philosophers of science in the 20th century. The approach of Bacon, who is considered the founder of the scientific method, was pretty straightforward: observation → induction → hypothesis → test hypothesis by experiment → proof/disproof → knowledge.” ~

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