God Never Contradicts Himself


Let’s consider the practicality and unmysticalness of divine revelation. God reveals through Scripture and every means of revelation that He mentions in Scripture. And yet, when the Holy Spirit shines His light on the Scripture, our experiences and observations, and our lives, He never contradicts Himself. His revelation will never conflict with Scripture. And He’ll never reveal a “truth” to one person and a contradictory “truth” to another person. That means that rather than debating apparent conflicts, we need to seek Christ all the more to make sure that apparent conflicts are real conflicts and to find out whether Christ has even revealed anything in the area of apparent conflict. Rather than doubling down on what we think we know, the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth if we turn to Him. Also, God gives a pattern for revelation in Acts 15 and the Letter to the Ephesians. And He defines this pattern further throughout the Bible.

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