God’s Leading Won’t Conflict with Scripture


While revelation comes from God, it unveils a certain part of reality that God had once hidden from us in mystery. Revelation helps us and makes a positive difference in our lives. God verifies revelation by using more than one method of revelation. For instance, He may use both Scripture and observation. God may give a Christ-follower a word of knowledge to help another person. As stated previously, other forms of revelation will never conflict with Scripture though they may conflict with interpretations of Scripture. The Holy Spirit may lead this Christ-follower to ask the other person a question to confirm the word of knowledge. After confirming the word, God may lead in a loving, simple, and practical way to help the other person.

On the other hand, God may lead us to miraculous healing or removal of some problem. His leading will be practical and helpful. And it will glorify God. Through Scripture, God has given us several ways that we can tell His revelation from false ideas that come from the flesh, the culture, and demonic forces.

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