God Reveals Himself. No One Has an Excuse.

Ungodly Thinking Dialog

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>

Questioner: “Why doesn’t God physically reveal Himself? That would make it easier to believe.”

Rocky Rockbuilder: “Everyone knows that God exists, not because they figured it out but because He has revealed Himself through the things He has created. He also reveals Himself through those who speak by His Spirit. If we speak about Christ by the Spirit of Christ to any person, that person may reject what we say. They aren’t rejecting us. They’re rejecting Christ since He was the One speaking to them through us. No one has an excuse for rejecting Christ. They don’t reject Him because of lack of evidence. They reject Him because their deeds are evil.”

Questioner: “How do you define ‘evil deeds’?”

Rocky: “Disobedience to God, which includes ignoring His leading or doing what’s contrary to His leading. Since He is love, this is the same as what’s contrary to love or what counterfeits love. By grace, which is through faith, we’re able to submit to Christ and allow Him to do His works through us. That’s what righteousness is. If we try to self-generate righteous acts, that’s what self-righteousness is. Keep in mind that He speaks through Scripture and never contradicts Himself as we humans do. So, disobedience to the precepts He lays out in Scripture results in evil deeds.”

Questioner: “What if I follow all the moral guidance but just happen to believe that most of the stories in the Bible didn’t happen?”

Rocky: “By trying to follow all the moral guidance, you can become self-righteous, but you can’t do God’s righteousness. Righteousness consists of God leading, you submitting, and God doing His works through you. Unless you’re born again, you can’t see the Kingdom of God. You need Christ. Without Him, all else is useless.”

“Knowing Christ isn’t the same as having a theoretical knowledge about Christ. Knowing Christ means that you’ve submitted to Him and His righteousness. Knowing Christ means that you follow Him as He leads, teaches, and corrects you moment by moment in every situation, and you yield to Him to the point that He does His works through you.”

“Once you know Him in this way, the Holy Spirit teaches you that the Bible is His word without error. The Holy Spirit speaks to you through Scripture and every method mentioned in Scripture, and yet, He never contradicts Himself in any of this revelation.”

Rocky Rockbuilder explained righteousness to this Questioner, but he also went beyond the explanation and spoke by the Holy Spirit to this Questioner. Explanations aren’t proof of truth, but we might understand a concept through an explanation. However, concepts aren’t part of reality. Concepts are tools. And some tools work better than others. Some tools don’t work at all. Others give the illusion of working, but then they injure us. Understanding a concept isn’t understanding truth, and understanding truth is only available through a relationship with the Person Who is Truth. Therefore, we introduce people to Christ. Introducing people to Christ isn’t circular reasoning.

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