The Problem with Ungodly Thinking

Acknowledging Christ and His leading is the only way to avoid irrational thinking.

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Ungodly thinking always results in one fallacy or another.

Skeptic: “God doesn’t reveal anything to anyone, so no one can know God.”

Christian: “My experience is that, though I don’t always listen, God never fails to reveal Himself, His will, and His truth to me moment by moment. What makes you think I’m not experiencing what I’m experiencing?”

Skeptic: “I know God doesn’t reveal anything to you because you can’t know God, so He can’t be revealing anything to you or anyone else.”

Christian: “But what makes you think I can’t know God?”

Skeptic: “God doesn’t reveal anything to anyone, so no one can know God.”

The skeptic completes the circle of the reasoning.

Now here’s the way we can rationally explain how we know that God exists and that the Bible is valid.

Christian: “The Bible says God exists.”

Questioner: “But why believe the Bible?”

Christian: “I know Jesus Christ, and He reveals the validity of the Bible to me.”

God also speaks to us through the Bible. We could answer the question this way. When God speaks to us through the Bible, He proves Himself to us, but when God speaks to us through the Bible, another person can’t see this proof.

If we’re speaking by the Holy Spirit, this other person hears God directly through us. They don’t hear a speculative explanation, but God speaks to them in revelation. The testimony of Jesus Christ within us is proof, but this person must receive the testimony. Many have said God has no grandchildren. We each must receive Jesus Christ, believe Him, and develop our relationships with Him.
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