Godless People Can’t be Rational?

Wait! What? Ungodly people can’t be rational? Really?

To claim that ungodly thinking (trying to reason without the Truth that comes from God) will always be irrational—that seems like a wild claim. However, it’s obviously true. The following quote explains one of the problems the human ego has trouble accepting.

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>

As promised, we’ll now carefully examine the reason ungodly thinkers can’t possibly be rational. To start, let’s evaluate the ungodly thinking trilemma. A trilemma is like a dilemma, but it has three choices instead of two. With a trilemma, we must choose one of three undesirable alternatives.

Agrippa the Skeptic taught about the ungodly thinking trilemma 2,000 years ago, so it’s sometimes called “Agrippa’s trilemma.” Münchausen wrote about it in the 1700s, so it’s also known as the “Münchausen trilemma.” Hans Albert also wrote about it in 1968, so it’s sometimes called “Albert’s trilemma.” But a more descriptive name, “ungodly thinking trilemma,” is the name we’ll use, and as we explore this trilemma, we’ll find it to be an ungodly illusion caused by closed minds. To take this thought a step further, consider the following quote:

“The Münchhausen trilemma is a problem in philosophy that all statements can be questioned and then need evidence. This problem has been well known in philosophy for thousands of years, but rarely gets addressed because it breaks the legs of philosophy, science, and any other possible approach to reality.” ~ rationalwiki.org

This ungodly thinking website is pointing to a philosophy that still stands against all ungodly challenges today. As RationalWiki.org states, the Münchausen trilemma isn’t popular “because it breaks the legs of philosophy, science, and any other possible approach to reality.” However, the trilemma only destroys rational thought for ungodly thinkers, so it seems that the wiki has ignored the possibility of the real God Who reveals reality.

If the statement in RationalWiki.org is true, then all reasoning on RationalWiki.org is going to be irrational. It has to be. RationalWiki.org is claiming to be irrational in the quote above. They’re claiming that every article on their site is irrational and without merit, and they’re right for their site content, but they also try to project this problem out to others. They also claim that this problem holds true for all information everywhere, but their claim is also irrational because of the trilemma. As they try to project this problem, their claim “can be questioned and needs evidence,” so the trilemma “breaks the legs” of their own claim. Shortly, we’ll get into the reasons the trilemma is inescapable for ungodly thinkers and why it only applies to those who aren’t listening to Christ and following Him. The trilemma guaranties insane thinking for ungodly thinkers.

We might question this trilemma when we first hear about it. We might feel that we could prove things tentatively even if we couldn’t prove anything absolutely with human intellect alone. Or we may imagine that we could falsify arguments, that is, prove that something is false. Or we could try to prove that something is reasonable. We might try to come up with other arguments against the trilemma. And we might even be able to come up with an argument that sounds good enough for a superficially convincing fog. However, ungodly philosophers have been trying to get around this trilemma for thousands of years, but they haven’t been able to do it without God. Therefore, if we think we have a naturalistic way around the trilemma, someone has probably already tried it and failed. Every such argument fails because every argument against the trilemma is based on one of the three fallacies of the trilemma, so the trilemma “breaks the legs” of the argument. That means that we should demand a true premise without any made-up stuff from anyone who claims an exception to the trilemma. Of course, we should never accept an unproven claim anyway. If someone makes a claim, we need a true premise.

Therefore, we can only imagine how embarrassed those who worship their own minds feel when they discover human minds can’t be rational without Christ. It’s embarrassing. As a result, ungodly thinkers present many futile and irrational arguments to fight against this reality. We’ll go over some of them in the book Real Faith & Reason Volume Three. Though arguments exist, not one of those arguments is rational.

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