It’s Not Against Reason but Irrational Reason

It’s not uncommon to read something by a godly Christian where the Christian appears to be bashing reason. If we were able to sit down with that Christian and clarify, I doubt that the Christian means what we are to be irrational or insane in our thinking. In many cases, we would find that the Christian hasn’t really given the matter serious thought, but they have seen many examples of irrational reasoning that’s not based on true premises. As is often said, “You can rationalize anything.”

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Even Christians sometimes try to depend on their own minds. One Christian said the following:

“But this can’t mean an abandonment of reason, for God commands us to serve Him with our entire mind, so surely we should strive to reason to true conclusions using our minds alone without God.”

While this statement may almost seem true at first, it’s false because God never asked us to disconnect from the Holy Spirit to use our minds. This statement defines rebellion against God. God is looking for a close relationship, but we don’t realize how close He wants this relationship. Of course, it’s a relationship in which He is God and we are in submission to God.

To clear up this muddy reasoning, abandonment of reason isn’t the issue, but rather the abandonment of UNSOUND reason is the issue. We want true premises and valid form so we can be sane, and we’re rejecting the common insanity of the culture even though this insanity has crept into the Church in many places.

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